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Experience a genuine Italian lunch or dinner in a private home in Rome or Naples.


Thank you for hosting us in your beautiful home!! We truly enjoyed the local dishes you served us and the history that came behind them. We wish you nothing but the best for you in your future. Sincerely,

— The Culinary Institute of America

Thank you so much for your hospitality, and for an amazing dinner! It was delicious, and every course was something unique that I have never had before! It was an awesome experience to get to know you and experience Italian culture first hand! Thanks,

— Paxson

I had such a wonderful time eating dinner with you. The meal was amazing and unique. I can’t wait to attempt to make some of these dishes. Thank you so much! Best wishes,

— Alexa

You’ve welcomed us into your home with warmth and gave us a delicious meal and even better company. Thank you so much, you are a beautiful gracious and very knowledgeable hostess + cook and we enjoyed every minute. Thank you for making our visit so special. With love,

— Alice & Sophian, Brooklyn NY

Today was nothing short of wonderful. The meal was my favorite meal this trip. I regret being on the last day because I could have come back! Thank you so much for opening your home to us.

— Kate

I feel like I have now seen another side of Rome!

— Madeline

Being here for your dinner and in your home are the highlight of our holiday. I am looking forward to your book so please finish it soon!

— Pamela, Cody 

Best rigatoni we’ve ever eaten! Thank you for your wonderful conversation, delicious food and warm personality. In a trip filled with extravagant sights and cities, the memory of your beautiful home will stay with us always. All the best

— Bob, Claudia and Meagan + Courtney and Taylor

It is said that a person does not truly understand Italy if they do not go to Sicily. Well, in Sicily, to truly understand it, you must have home food. We were lucky to have superb home food prepared by Flavia. Thank you. Cheers

— Nerissa + Anthony, Melbourne

Flavia you have received us into your home and then loved us into your heart. Thank you for sharing food but even more your heart. 

— Walt

We are so lucky we read about you in the NY Times. This has been a delightful evening. Thanks to our hostess & best wishes from

— Stephanie & Harvey

This evening has added an extra dimension to our holiday. It isn’t often one has the opportunity to visit in someone’s home. The meal was wonderful. Thank you so much for your effort.

— Joan

The dinner is unforgettable and will stay one of the most beautiful experiences of our stay in Sicily. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

— Malvine & Ilja from Latvia and Lucy & Leonid from Moscow

The second act of your gourmet Italian culinary dinner was as memorable as the first from last year. We will look forward to many more in the future. Brava

— Thomas, Pittsburgh

Mille grazie per la cena squisita! I don’t think I am writing that correctly, but I wanted to try in the “atmosphere” of sharing your culture. It was so nice of you to open your lovely home + cook such a delicious meal for us… It has been a wonderful evening.

— Janet, Denver

Mille grazie per la sera! I very much enjoyed your gracious hospitality and your beautiful home. Thank you in particular for le ricette. Le faccio certo! Next time I will come for a cooking class! 

— Carolyn, Vancouver

The food and company were fantastic! Thank you so much for opening your home to us and showing us such wonderful Roman hospitality. It was a wonderfully memorable experience that we will cherish. The cooking was the best we’ve had in Italy! Thanks

— Josh + Alison, Phoenix

This was a wonderful treat! What a grand idea to have a meal in your home. We’ve seen a lot of the monuments in Rome, but through this program we’ve had the opportunity to connect with you through food. Flavia thank you for opening your home and kitchen to us! Many thank you!

— Linda, Philadelphia

We were looking forward to this evening, and it was more than wonderful!! We enjoyed the delicious dinner, which was way better than a normal restaurant, especially because of the nice atmosphere of your beautiful home and the interesting conversations. We would love to come again and we’re going to tell everyone in Germany about it! Thanks so much!

— Mareike, Marianne, Bettina

This was truly the “highlight” of our trip to your city, Roma. The meal was magnificent, your home beautiful and your hospitality enchanting. Thank you. Please visit us in Pittsburgh so that we can reciprocate. 

— Brad

Magnificent. Our favorite evening in Rome. The food, company and surrounding go beyond compare. Many, many thanks.

Thank you for a very lovely experience. The food was wonderful, but the very best part was you! You are lovely, informative and so willing to share. Thank you so very much. 

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